Rebrand Your Business

Our Essential Rebrand Package is simply what it says. For business to entice new customers by changing your brands look to a sleek, attractive style.

The Essential Rebrand Pack

Your brand has an astounding effect on the customers perception of the credibility and quality of your business. However very few people know just how huge this effect is on the custom you actually get.

Sleek, Responsive Website Design

We design beautiful websites with great user experience, allowing your business to convert views into sales and leave a lasting impression for your customers.

Scroll on each device to take a look at our clean responsive design of shop. 

Impactful Logos

A fresh new logo design is sure to leave your business looking better than ever. Our logo refresh is the perfect start to turning a tired looking image into a professional, eye-catching brand. 

Take a look at how Visage’s logo went from pop up shop, to clean, clinical and professional. 

Bold Business Cards

Making a statement couldn’t be easier! Use your business cards to leave a lasting impact on your associates – both through how your brand looks and providing the essential information for them to be able to contact you and use your services. 

Combined with all new branding, business card design is the icing on the cake to get your business looking next level. Look how impactful an understated, clean business card design is for BOHAM LTD.   

Boham Business Card Visual
Connect The Dots Re-brand Board

Brand Guidelines

A set of brand guidelines makes sure that everyone working for you and everyone promoting your brand knows how to do so. They make sure that no matter who is creating, marketing and communicating for your business, your brand is always communicated correctly and consistently. 

Social Banners

Now you’ve got a brand sorted, you need people to know what your business is about. Clear, concise messages about your brand are key for promotion on social media. Get clean, clear social media banners that are sure to draw the customers in to your business.  

brand desgn develop

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